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The Finals: How to Change Your User Name

If you want to make a name for yourself in The Finals, you first need to figure out how to change the default display name. The Finals does...

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My Hero Ultra Rumble: Tier List & how to unlock all characters

In the battle royale game “My Hero Ultra Rumble”, you step into the shoes of popular anime heroes and villains from My Hero...

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Raft: How to Build a Juicer and Make All Smoothie Recipes

Raft has finally been released in its full version, introducing several new crafting stations into the game, including the juicer. With the...

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Raft – Temperance: How to Find the Safe Code & Obtain the Selene Key

Raft has finally been released in its full version, leaving its Early Access status behind. With the full release, numerous new contents...

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Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life – all marriage candidates at a glance

In the remake of Story of Season: A Wonderful Life for the Nintendo Switch, you’ll choose between a male, female or non-binary main...

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Anno 1800: How to get holiday reading for the Queen

In Anno 1800, during the quest “A Triftling Matter: A Demanding Guest”, there is a quest called “Royal Reading”....

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Scorn – Walkthrough: All solutions to every puzzle in the guide

Scorn is a wild mix of horror and puzzle game. In each chapter there are new mechanisms to explore that will advance you. It’s not...

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NHL 23: All leagues at a glance

As with most other sports games from EA, NHL gets a new release every year. With every new version of NHL, players ask themselves which...

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Stadia controller: Unlock Bluetooth – this is how it works

The end of the Google Stadia hits only a few gamers particularly hard – after all, the concept could never really convince the...

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Create and download clips on Twitch: How it works

Your favorite streamer has the kill streak of a lifetime and you want to clip and download it to save it for eternity? Or are you a...

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