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Lethal Company: Guide to All Monsters & How to Defeat Them

Lethal Company: Complete List of Monsters & Defeat Strategies

As you explore the abandoned moons of Lethal Company, you’ll encounter a variety of monsters. While most are dangerous, some are harmless. Our guide provides a list of all monsters in Lethal Company, including their danger levels and strategies for dealing with them.

All Monsters in Lethal Company

Below is a list of all monsters sorted by their danger level, along with strategies for handling them.

Monster Danger Level Strategy
Jester 90% Run as fast as you can and leave the area or building immediately. Jesters cannot be killed, but they can kill you and your team.
Thumper 90% Extremely aggressive and fast. Survive by running until it slows down and gains distance.
Circuit Bee 90% They attack when you’re near their hive. The only strategy is to steer clear of their nest.
Bracken 80% Avoid eye contact. Looking at Bracken for three to five seconds angers it, leading to a relentless pursuit. Defeat it with a shovel or run to the exit quickly.
Coil-Head 80% Similar to an aggressive Enderman in Minecraft. The only way to avoid them is to stare at them, causing them to stop, allowing you to move away.
Baboon Hawk 75% Aggressive only when provoked. Avoid provocation by keeping your distance and moving as a group with your team members.
Eyeless Dog 70% Reacts to all sounds, including your voice and walkie-talkie noises. Sneak around them and return to the ship.
Forest Keeper 50% Stay undetected by hiding behind trees or crouching. If caught, it will consume you. Once you reach the ship, you’re completely safe.
Snare Flea 30% If it lands on your head, remove it with a shovel. Alternatively, leave the building, causing it to die instantly.
Bunker Spider 20% Activated by contact with their webs. Run around to avoid damage and kill it by hitting it with a shovel.
Spore Lizard 5% Its bite causes minimal damage. Avoid contact or kill it with a shovel.
Earth Leviathan 2% Swallows everything in its vicinity. Run fast, discard all items upon hearing it, and seek shelter in crevices or near walls for difficult access.
Hoarding Bug 0% Pose little threat. Leave the building to escape or kill it with a shovel.
Hygrodere 0% Slimy creatures that split when attacked. Avoid combat and create distance by creating a height difference or going through doors.
Manticoil 0% No threat to you.
Roaming Locust 0% Disappear as you approach them.
Ghost Girl Unknown Visible only when haunted by her. Once this happens, there’s nothing you can do. Leaving the facility has no effect. She is immune to damage and will follow you even to the ship.
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