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Raft: How to Build a Juicer and Make All Smoothie Recipes

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Raft has finally been released in its full version, introducing several new crafting stations into the game, including the juicer. With the help of this machine, you can make various smoothies that provide you with helpful buffs. In this guide, you’ll find out what you need to build the juicer in Raft and a list of smoothie recipes.

Quick Overview – Building the Juicer and Making Smoothies in Raft

  • Unlock & Craft the Juicer: Use the resources listed below at the research table and craft it there with the same materials.
  • Juicer Recipe: 6x Plank, 6x Plastic, 1x Bolt, 4x Clotweed Goo, 1x Circuit Board
  • You’ll also need: 1x Battery, 1x Drinking Glass
  • Obtain Smoothie Recipes: Purchase juice recipes at trading posts.
  • Create Your Own Combinations: Put fruits in the juicer. If there’s no existing recipe, you’ll get leftovers.

How Do I Get a Juicer in Raft?

To craft a juicer, you first need to research it. For the construction, you’ll need the same materials again. Use the following resources to research and craft the juicer:

  • 6x Plank
  • 6x Plastic
  • 1x Bolt
  • 4x Clotweed Goo
  • 1x Circuit Board

Finding Smoothie Recipes and Making Juices

Once you’ve placed the juicer, you can start making smoothies. On the crafting station, you’ll find four slots where you can place a resource. Insert a battery and start the juicer. The production takes a moment. Use a drinking glass, which you craft from a glass, to take out the smoothie.

Try your own combinations or collect smoothie recipes according to which you make juices. You can get such recipes, for example, at a trading post. Use the juicer’s pinboard to pin your smoothie recipes.

All smoothie recipes in Raft are pinned to the juicer's board.

Raft: All Smoothie Recipes

Here you’ll find some smoothie recipes that you can make at the juicer in Raft. Juices without an additional description increase your maximum thirst display and slightly satisfy you. If you try your own combinations that don’t result in an existing recipe, you’ll always get leftovers as the output product.

Simple Smoothie

  • 1x Mango
  • 1x Pineapple
  • 2x Coconut


  • 1x Strawberry
  • 2x Coconut
  • 1x Pineapple

Coconut Punch

  • 3x Coconut
  • 1x Raw Beet


Boosts your maximum thirst display significantly.

  • 1x Mango
  • 1x Milk
  • 2x Banana

Red Berry Shot

Boosts your health points.

  • 2x Raw Beet
  • 1x Turmeric
  • 1x Coconut

Red Melon

  • 1x Watermelon
  • 1x Strawberry
  • 1x Red Berry
  • 1x Coconut

Silver Smoothie

  • 1x Milk
  • 1x Mango
  • 1x Banana
  • 1x Silver Algae

Spicy Pineapple-Strawberry

Boosts your swimming speed.

  • 1x Chili
  • 1x Pineapple
  • 2x Strawberry


Slightly boosts the maximum thirst display.

  • 4x Fruits that together do not result in a recipe.
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