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Raft – Temperance: How to Find the Safe Code & Obtain the Selene Key

the snow area in raft

Raft has finally been released in its full version, leaving its Early Access status behind. With the full release, numerous new contents have been added – such as the Temperance chapter. As part of this story, you’ll find yourself on an ice island. This is one of Raft’s new endgame contents. During your exploration, you’ll find a locked safe that requires a code to open. We’ll reveal how to find this code, open the safe, and obtain the Selene Key here.

Overview of the Ice Island in Raft: How do I find out the safe code?

To determine the code, you need four notes, each with a symbol. You’ll find these in the buildings on the ice island. Once collected, you can view them anytime in the notebook under the Temperance chapter. You need to look for the depicted symbols as constellations in the sky to determine the code. For this, you can use the display connected to the telescope.

You’ll find it in the middle of the room with the safe. Each constellation consists of several shining stars. Remember the number and enter them in sequence into the safe’s control panel. Here’s a summary of the most important steps:

  • Search for four notes with symbols in the buildings of the ice island.
  • Open the Temperance chapter in the notebook once you’ve found them all.
  • Look at the symbols and use the telescope’s display, located in the middle of the safe room.
  • Scan the sky for the matching constellations: Bird, Face, Tool & Raft.
  • Count the shining stars located in the four constellations.
  • Enter the numbers in sequence into the safe’s control panel.
  • The four symbols for the safe code are: Bird, Face, Tool, and Raft.

The 4 symbols in raft

How do I obtain the Selene Key?

The Selene Key is part of the loot from the safe. As soon as you enter the code, the safe will open, and you can obtain the Selene Key. You’ll even get some more loot. Here’s what the loot looks like in the opened safe:

  • Selene Key
  • Blueprint: Advanced Stationary Anchor
  • Three Vending Machine Tokens

What is the code for the safe?

The safe code is: 5 – 9 – 6 – 4. Enter the numbers and collect your reward from the safe.

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Last modified: 2. January 2024