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Warcraft Rumble: Win Every Battle with These Tips

Warcraft Rumble: Tips — Strategy & Tactics, Builds, Decks & More

In the action-strategy game Warcraft Rumble, you place troops and battle prominent opponents like Hogger or the Baron of Booty Bay. This guide will show you general strategies to win more often and provide helpful tips for combat in Warcraft Rumble.

Warcraft Rumble: Tips – Group Specialties to Know

Units are divided into different types, each with unique characteristics. For example, armored troops take only half physical damage, while ranged fighters deal significant damage to flying units. Pay attention to your opponent’s unit type to play counters effectively. Here’s an overview of other characteristics:

Resistances & Weaknesses

  • Flying units deal great damage to melee fighters.
  • Melee fighters easily defeat ranged fighters.
  • Ranged fighters easily take down flying units.

Troop Specialties

  • Armored units suffer 50% less physical damage.
  • Elemental mages ignore the physical armor of all troops.
  • More specialties will be added as we discover them.

Leveling Up Your Units: Faster Progress

The level of your units significantly influences the outcome of a battle. If you’re doing everything right but still can’t beat a level, it might be due to the low level of your troops. Here’s why it’s important:

  • With each level-up, your troop’s health points increase.
  • They also deal more damage to the enemy with each level-up, while their costs remain the same.
  • We’ll show you how to quickly gather EXP and develop your units into strong soldiers.

Complete Quests

The more cards you complete, the more game content you unlock. After collecting nine skulls, you can take on and complete quests. Each quest brings experience points to a troop. You also accumulate daily progress, earning you XP boosts and coins.

Progress in the Campaign

Campaign missions offer various bonuses on first completion. Often, your troops gain experience points, and occasionally you receive new troops. In the boss fight in Westfall, you even get five XP scrolls to choose units and increase their experience points.

Triumph in PvP

Once you collect twelve skulls, you unlock PvP mode. To be victorious here, you should have already replaced some of the starting units. Each victory brings experience points to your units, and you earn a few coins.

Conquests with Different Leaders

In Conquest mode, you play on maps you’ve already completed and receive about half the original loot for winning. The twist: You must play with a different leader, often requiring a different deck build.

Increase Player Level for Various Benefits

Warcraft Rumble rewards players who play a lot and diligently upgrade their troops and leaders. With each level-up, the XP rewards you receive from various sources increase. For example, at level 2, quests give five instead of three experience points, and XP scrolls give ten instead of five EXP.

Strategies for Warcraft Rumble

Besides the level of your units, tactics significantly contribute to victory. Some missions require a special strategy — after all, not every level is the same. Here are important strategy tips that apply to almost every map in Warcraft Rumble:

  • The team with the highest gold turnover often wins the game. With more gold, you can deploy more troops. Therefore, collect every chest and mine gold.
  • Tanks belong in the front row, protecting allied troops from incoming damage. Place your tanks at the front and ranged or flying units in the back row to maximize damage.
  • Strategic objectives on the field are important for victory. As you progress in Warcraft Rumble, capturing additional towers becomes more important. This allows you to spawn units closer to the opponent’s core, saving valuable seconds and attacking earlier.
  • Unbound units can turn the tide in a battle. Use troops like the S.A.F.E. Pilot to turn tricky situations outside your captured areas in your favor.
  • A ranged fighter approaching your flying unit? Unbound units are also suitable for these situations. Deploy the S.A.F.E. Pilot and try to hit the ranged fighter to neutralize them.
  • Chicken invasions are annoying. After all, the Chain Lightning spell costs gold, which would be much better invested in proper troops. You can quickly eliminate the poultry and other weak groups by playing heroes like Cairne Bloodhoof or Maiev.
  • Let your ranged fighters take an elevated position to increase their range. Opponents standing at a lower spot on the map will be at a disadvantage.

The Best Builds for Warcraft Rumble

In Warcraft Rumble, there is no “best build” as some maps require special units that may not shine in other missions. However, there are general tips on how the perfect all-rounder deck should be structured:

  • Every unit type should be represented in your deck, as you will encounter all of them on most maps.
  • A strong tank is extremely important and can already bring victory.
  • Damage types: Your deck should have at least one troop that deals single-target damage and one that deals area damage. You should also have a physical attacker in the build and a troop that inflicts elemental damage on enemies.
  • Collection: Leaders and troops have a symbol representing the collection they come from. For example, General Drakkisath is from Blackrock and boosts units from Blackrock by one level. Cairne Bloodhoof is from the Horde and accordingly strengthens other Horde members.

Warcraft Rumble – Tips: The Best Early Game Build

  • Leader: General Drakkisath
  • Tank/Melee Fighter: Brutal Gnoll or Harvest Golem
  • Melee Fighter: Spinnlings
  • Ranged Fighter: Poison Farmer
  • Flying Unit: Dragon
  • Spell: Chain Lightning

General Drakkisath increases the elemental damage suffered by nearby enemies by 50%. Frostwolf Shamans from the second row keep your main tank alive and also deal elemental damage. With brutal gnolls, you can use more strong and cost-effective melee fighters to defend a second lane. Harvest helpers are a good alternative as they have a second life and are thus more independent of the heal from the Frostwolf Shamans.

Poison farmers are your second ranged unit, fighting enemies with poison damage and also dealing area damage to neutralize groups. Spinnlings also deal poison damage and fight side by side with General Drakkisath. In this build, you can choose any flying unit that should deal physical damage. The Gryphon Rider is a good and inexpensive choice available early in the game.

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