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Content Warning: Overview of All Monsters in the Game

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In Content Warning, you face a variety of monsters whose uniqueness and danger form the core of the game. From the dark corners of an abandoned laboratory to the expansive, foggy landscapes, each area harbors its own horrors. Based on the findings of a data miner and the observations of brave players, we reveal to you a detailed overview of the monsters you may encounter on your journey and provide tips on how to escape them.

The Essentials at a Glance – Monsters in Content Warning

  • Diversity and Uniqueness: There are 19 monsters in the game. Each monster in Content Warning poses a unique challenge.
  • No Official Bestiary: There is no official bestiary from the developers.
  • Survival Strategies: For each monster, there are specific ways to survive or escape.

All Monsters from Content Warning at a Glance

Below, we show you all the monsters from the game in a list. We have strategies for the specific creatures further down.
  • Angler
  • BigSlap
  • Bombs
  • BarnacleBall
  • Dog
  • Ear
  • EyeGuy
  • Flicker
  • Ghost
  • Harpoon/Knif
  • Jello
  • Larva
  • Mouthe
  • Slurper
  • Snactcho
  • Spider
  • Toolkit_Wisk
  • Weeping
  • Zombe


A dangerous creature that resembles an anglerfish, including a tempting light trap. To escape it, you should avoid its light at all costs.


A giant humanoid with no nose, oversized teeth, and long arms. Avoid being seen by this unfriendly giant. Run and hide.


A squid-like monster that throws bombs that explode after a short time. Avoid the bombs, run away, and wait for it to blow itself up.


As the name suggests, this monster resembles a ball of barnacles and has several tentacle-like arms. Try to escape by running away and using air current attacks to gain distance.


A four-legged robot with a mounted weapon on its back. Avoid its sight range and seek cover if you’re spotted.


A four-legged monster with an ear as its head that is sensitive to sounds. Be quiet or shout loudly into your microphone to scare it away if it discovers you.


A stocky monster in Content Warning with huge eyes on its head. Do not blind EyeGuy with your flashlight to avoid irritating it.


A jellyfish-like being with a harpoon head and long tentacles. Avoid the tentacles and run away.


A spectral being with no legs. Currently, we do not know of any strategy to escape the Ghost.


A ghostly being that resembles a person in a sheet, armed with a knife. Dodge its attacks; it usually leaves the area after an attempt.


A huge blob of slime that moves slowly but relentlessly. Stay at a distance to avoid dying.


This monster in Content Warning resembles a large worm or centipede with two huge, protruding arms. Run away to avoid being grabbed by its large hands.


A short, squat monster with a wide head and a huge mouth. Can generally be ignored as it does not pose an immediate threat.


A star-shaped monster that clings to ceilings. You can detach it by throwing something at it. Hold down the Q key for this. Otherwise, you should avoid the ropes hanging down from them.


A humanoid monster with elongated arms and legs and a face resembling a jackal. It crawls over floors and typically hides in shadows. A tricky beast that can kill you instantly if you fall under its spell. Listen for its scream and use your flashlight or camera light to force it back into the shadows.


A spider-like creature with a flat body. Run away, but be especially careful not to get entangled in its webs.


A bipedal monster with screws instead of arms and a whisk as a head. It can also appear as a fan, iron, or vacuum cleaner. Move tactically to dodge its charge attack. Dodge at the last moment to make it crash into something. It will make a loud noise before attacking.


A walking birdcage (or iron maiden) that captures players. If you get caught, solve the captcha puzzle to free your teammates. You have three attempts before they are killed.


Zombe is a humanoid being in Content Warning, resembling a cross between a human and a snail. These monsters move quite slowly, so it is recommended to run away from them. If you get caught, you can use the sprint action to free yourself.
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