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Potion Permit – how to get, improve and fish a fishing rod

One player fishes in Potion Permit

Fishing in Potion Permit is one of the significant features in the game. Therefore, in our guide we will explain you how to get a fishing rod, what you need to pay attention to when fishing and at which places in Moon Mountain you can fish at all.

Potion Permit: Obtaining a fishing rod – this is what you have to do!

At the beginning of the game, visit the Windrose fishing store, which is located in the northwest of Mondberg Island. It’s important that you stop by during the day, once you’ve completed your first quests to get acclimated. A cutscene will start in which you will talk to Leano. At the end of the conversation, she gives you an ordinary fishing rod.

Where can I fish?

With your ordinary fishing rod you can fish right next to Moon Mountain Park. The other fishing spots you see on the map cannot be visited with your current fishing equipment. It is important for you to keep one thing in mind.

You have received the fishing rod for free, but you have to buy the bait. You can also get bait from Leano, or from their fishing store. Fortunately, the bait is quite cheap, so you can buy some of them. In order not to waste them, you should be able to fish in Potion Permit to some extent.

Fishing in Potion Permit – this is how it works!

Fishing is quite understandable once you get the hang of it. There are three different features that you should definitely pay attention to. If you don’t, the fish will get away from you. However, with our tips for fishing in Potion Permit, you should have a good chance of catching one.

  1. Pull in the bait when you see an exhausted emote above the fishing hook. The line is colored white at this point.
  2. Stop reeling in when an angry emote appears above the lure. The thread of the fishing rod turns red at that moment.
  3. Do not let the fish reach the end of the fishing route.

Improve your fishing rod in Potion Permit: this is how you upgrade your fishing rod

You can unlock a fishing improvement in Potion Permit by fishing often in the game. At the community board you will receive a message from Leona asking you to meet her in the park. An event will follow in which you will have to collect materials needed to upgrade the fishing rod. It’s possible that the next upgrades will be similar.

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Last modified: 2. January 2024