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Stadia controller: Unlock Bluetooth – this is how it works

Google Stadia Controller Black

The end of the Google Stadia hits only a few gamers particularly hard – after all, the concept could never really convince the masses. Now Google announces that the Bluetooth chip in the controllers will be unlocked for pairing with other devices. You can find out how to connect the Stadia controller to the PC and other devices via Bluetooth here.

Community Manager DanFromGoogle announced on the official forum on January 13, 2023 that players worldwide will be able to enable the Bluetooth chips on their Stadia controllers with a tool. More information should follow this week (calendar week 3) – now the tool is ready and can be used until December 31, 2023.

Stadia controller: What does the Bluetooth update mean?

Until now, it was not possible to use the Stadia controller wirelessly on another platform. You could use it via USB cable on Xbox, PlayStation or other consoles, but wireless connection was not possible – although the hardware for it was present in the controller, Bluetooth remained an exclusive feature for Stadia use.

With the update, things change: Google unlocks the Bluetooth chip for arbitrary use. So you can use it wirelessly on the Nintendo Switch, your smartphone, or any other device once you’ve unlocked it.

How do I unlock Bluetooth?

Important: To unlock Bluetooth, you’ll need the latest version of Chrome browser. You also need to be fast: Google is only offering Bluetooth unlocking until December 31, 2023. Furthermore, the Bluetooth activation cannot be reversed – but that should be the least of your problems.

Connect your Stadia controller to a computer or laptop with a USB cable and then open the official Bluetooth tool page with the latest version of the Chrome browser. In the Switch to Bluetooth Mode box, click Start and accept the Terms of Use. If you have already connected the controller to the device, click Next.

Now check the list and select the controller by clicking the Allow Chrome to check button ~ the name may include Stadia Controller, SP Blank RT Family, USB COMPOSITE DEVICE or Bootloader. Chrome will then download the update and prepare the controller.

If you want to connect the controller to another device after the update, press the Y + Stadia buttons simultaneously for two seconds until the status lamp flashes orange. The lamp lights up white when the connection is established.

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Last modified: 2. January 2024