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Content Warning: Overview of All Monsters in the Game

In Content Warning, you face a variety of monsters whose uniqueness and danger form the core of the game. From the dark corners of an...

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Palia: All Fish and Baits in the Ultimate Fishing Guide

The waters of Palia offer a vast diversity of species. To catch every fish, you need to fish at various locations, during different times...

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Palia: Comprehensive Guide to Insect and Beetle Locations

In Palia, you can explore alone or with friends in multiplayer mode. There are many tasks you can engage in daily: mining, fishing,...

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Warcraft Rumble: Win Every Battle with These Tips

In the action-strategy game Warcraft Rumble, you place troops and battle prominent opponents like Hogger or the Baron of Booty Bay. This...

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Lethal Company: Guide to All Monsters & How to Defeat Them

As you explore the abandoned moons of Lethal Company, you’ll encounter a variety of monsters. While most are dangerous, some are...

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Lethal Company: The Best Mods and How to Install Them

Mods allow you to make individual adjustments to the gameplay of Lethal Company, such as increasing the maximum number of players. In this...

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The Finals: How to Change Your User Name

If you want to make a name for yourself in The Finals, you first need to figure out how to change the default display name. The Finals does...

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My Hero Ultra Rumble: Tier List & how to unlock all characters

In the battle royale game “My Hero Ultra Rumble”, you step into the shoes of popular anime heroes and villains from My Hero...

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Raft: How to Build a Juicer and Make All Smoothie Recipes

Raft has finally been released in its full version, introducing several new crafting stations into the game, including the juicer. With the...

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Raft – Temperance: How to Find the Safe Code & Obtain the Selene Key

Raft has finally been released in its full version, leaving its Early Access status behind. With the full release, numerous new contents...

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