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NHL 23: All leagues at a glance

Player in a duel in NHL 23

As with most other sports games from EA, NHL gets a new release every year. With every new version of NHL, players ask themselves which leagues are included in the new part. We’ll tell you and show you an overview of all the leagues in NHL 23.

Overview of all leagues in NHL 23

Compared to the previous part, there are no significant changes to the leagues – so there are still 22 leagues in total. To the sadness of the German community, there is once again no DEL 2, so you’ll have to make do with the first league. We show you all other leagues in NHL 23 in the overview.

  • AHL (American Hockey League): 32 teams
  • Champions Hockey League: 32 teams
  • CHL (Canadian Hockey League, talent teams): 2 teams
  • DEL (German Ice Hockey League): 15 teams
  • ECHL (East Coast Hockey League): 28 teams
  • ELH (Czech Extra League): 14 teams
  • Eternal NHL former: 4 teams
  • Hockeyallsvenskan (Sweden): 14 teams
  • Ice Hockey League (Austria): 13 teams
  • IIHF World Junior Championship: 10 teams
  • IIHF Women’s World Championship: 10 teams
  • IIHF World Championship: 16 teams
  • International: 22 teams
  • LIIGA (Finnish Extra League): 15 teams
  • National League (Switzerland): 14 teams
  • NHL (National Hockey League):36 teams
  • NHL Alumni Association: 33 teams
  • OHL (Ontario Hockey League): 20 teams
  • QMJHL (Québec Majeur Junior High School League): 18 teams
  • SHL (Svenska Hockey League): 14 teams
  • Spengler Cup: 6 teams
  • WHL (Western Hockey League): 22 teams

Don’t like any league? Create your own

In NHL 23 you again have the possibility to create your own league and adjust various settings. The minimum size is six teams, while a maximum of 48 can participate at the same time. You again have the option to select clubs from all participating leagues – so you can also create an international league.

However, you can only select teams that are actually participating in the leagues of NHL 23. For example, you can’t include the Krefeld Penguins in your own league, because they were relegated last time and are therefore not represented in the game.

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Last modified: 2. January 2024