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Hogwarts Legacy: Playtime & more info leaked

One player is opening a chest in Hogwarts Legacy

For many, it’s the highlight of 2023 – Hogwarts Legacy. It is already one of the best-selling games on Steam, even though it hasn’t even been released yet. A recent leak now reveals more details about the gameplay. In addition, we learn more about missions, characters, playtime, the appearance of the player inventory and get to see a first world map of Hogwarts Legacy.

Twitter user Bigby was already allowed to take a look at the Hogwarts Legacy artbook and immediately shares his promising pictures with the community. In addition to pictures, there is also a lot of textual material that already reveals a lot. Reddit user Spheromancer takes it even further, dropping numerous details about Hogwarts Legacy’s playtime and much more content.

The playtime in Hogwarts Legacy

According to Spheromancer on Reddit, you should be able to play through Hogwarts Legacy in about 35 hours. That would cover the entire main story. With all the side quests and a 100 percent completed score, it should be around 70 hours. Note that the PlayStation version should include an exclusive quest that may extend your playtime.

More artbook leaks

On top of that, the Reddit user reveals some more details that already say a lot about the game. Keep in mind that these are blatant spoilers. The information is not officially confirmed, so it might be false reports or guesses.

If you’d rather be surprised, finish the article from here and feel free to read about the multiplayer in Hogwarts Legacy or one of our other guides.

  • The houses have individual progress in the main missions, but eventually converge to the same result.
  • Students from one house will visit Azkaban.
  • You’ll have to solve about 100 puzzles using learned spells.
  • Possibly Hogwarts Legacy will include Quidditch, including all four Quidditch positions.
  • A quarter of the world map will be added as a DLC (or multiple DLCs) at a later date.
  • You shall be able to fly near or over Hogwarts Castle. You should not be able to visit the place Hogsmeade.
  • You can catch the phoenix in Hogwarts Legacy.
  • Principal Phineas Nigellus Black is supposed to play only a small role. For fanservice purposes, he should nevertheless take a small part in the main story.
  • You learn the Avada Kedavra spell in a side mission that you receive near the end of the main story.
  • There are a lot of side missions. It should be helpful to complete as many of them as possible before going on with the main story.
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Last modified: 2. January 2024