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Grounded – Pet: Tame Animals and Build Pet House

An open area in Grounded with ants and other enemies

Although you are shrunk to the size of an ant in Grounded, there are cute pets that you can tame in the game. By building a pet house, you give them a new and loving home. As companions on your travels, the animals have various buffs that you can take advantage of. In this guide, we’ll explain exactly what these buffs are, how to tame a pet in Grounded, and how to build a pet house.

The most important things in a nutshell – this is how you tame a pet in Grounded

  • Tame animals: You can claim flies, lice, and weevils as pets.
  • Perks & Buffs: Each pet has its own inventory and an individual buff when you take it as a companion.
    • Fly friend: increased gliding speed
    • Louse friend: less stamina consumption
    • Weevil friend: thirst decreases slower
  • Build pet house: Make a pet house to name and house your pet.
  • Puree: Make the pet’s favorite food in the blender.
  • Feed mush: Drop a few copies of the mush for the animal to eat. If it worked, a message will appear that you have a new pet.
    • Fly: Spoiled meat mush
    • Louse: Plant mush
    • Weevil: Mushroom porridge

Tame Pets: These benefits & buffs the companions possess

In Grounded, at the time of the official release, there are three different animals that you can tame as pets: the fly, the louse and the weevil. They have their own inventory, which is ideal for farming. To decide which pet you want to get, you should take a look at their different buffs.

  • Fly Friend: Increases your speed when gliding with a dandelion tuft.
  • Louse Friend: Reduces the consumption of your stamina when sprinting.
  • Weevil Friend: Your thirst decreases more slowly.

Build a pet house and make food

First you need to create the conditions for taming a pet. This includes building a pet house and making food. The pet house will serve as your pet’s shelter, where you’ll set its name and equipment. With the food you gain the trust of the pet so that it joins you. You will need a blender to make it.

Build pet house


Analyze mushroom bricks to get the recipe.


  • 1x acorn shell
  • 2x crow feathers
  • 2x plant stalks
  • 4x mushroom bricks

Make puree


Analyze flower petals to get the recipe.


  • 2x plant stems
  • 2x acorn shells
  • 3x Petals
  • 5x Red ant parts

Grounded: Tame your pet – this is how it works!

The way to an animal’s heart is always through irresistible treats. But not every animal prefers the same food – so it is in Grounded. Depending on which animal you want to tame into a pet, you will have to make different food in the blender. Here you’ll find a list of all the pet foods and instructions on how to make them.

Pet Favorite food Preparation
Fly Spoiled meat porridge Puree spoiled meat.
Louse Plant mash Puree plant fibers.
Weevil Mushroom porridge Puree mushrooms or mushroom parts.

Take about three to four specimens of the favorite food and find the appropriate animal. Take a stack of the mash in your main hand and drop them on the ground. Wait for the animal to approach and begin eating. If it has succeeded, a message will appear that you now have a new pet.

Interact with the animal and take it to its pet house. Give it a suitable name and take it with you on your explorations as needed. In the pet’s menu you will find more information such as the pet’s personality and its current condition. By the way, you can own several pets at once.

Taming & riding ladybugs – is that possible?

Taming ladybugs is not possible in Grounded. They do eat aphids when you put them on the ground, but so do most insects. Riding a ladybug is at least conditionally possible.

However, if you imagine that you interact with the ladybug, climb on its back and control it consciously, then we have to disappoint you. Instead, you can only get on the beetle’s back by jumping on it. As soon as he starts running, your character will stay on it.

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Last modified: 2. January 2024