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Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life – all marriage candidates at a glance

Some characters in Story of Season: A Wonderful Life

In the remake of Story of Season: A Wonderful Life for the Nintendo Switch, you’ll choose between a male, female or non-binary main character. Furthermore, it completely doesn’t matter which gender you’re attracted to in the game. You can take any of the marriage candidates listed below as your husband or wife. You can find out which Bachelors and Bachelorettes are available in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life.

Note: All information so far refers to the contents of the trailer and discussed speculations of the community. As soon as more is announced about the marriage candidates, we will add the corresponding information to our guide. On the Japanese website for Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life you can already see the new designs of the bachelor and bachelorettes.

Story of Season: A Wonderful Life – Marriage candidates: These are the Bachelors


The least is known so far about the mysterious marriage candidate, which has crept into the first trailer so incidentally. In Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life, there was no fourth bachelor to provide a clue to his identity. The community is rumoring that it might be Cody. In the prequels, he was one of the villagers and artists who lived away from the village. Gordy seems to be an alternate version who is also dedicated to art.

If it is Cody and his personality stays true to his role model, then he is of the quiet and thoughtful variety. Moreover, in the trailer it seems that he likes children – as well as the Cody we know from past games. However, in the scene (see the cover image), it also appears to be his own child.

Gustafa – marriage candidates in Story of Season: A Wonderful Life

Gustafa is a nature-loving hippie who loves to play his guitar – almost a bard. He is not bothered by the small problems of everyday life and is always positive. While traveling the world, he finally found himself in the village. There he lives in a modest tent.

In Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life, the female counterpart to Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, you could conquer the heart of the free-spirited Gustafa with gifts like flowers, milk or old statues. What preferences he will have in the remake remains to be seen.


You’ll find the bachelor on Vesta’s farm. On the one hand he works there and on the other hand he is Vesta’s little brother. He seems to be extremely shy towards you and other residents. His stubborn nature could also be interpreted as cynical by evil tongues.

In both Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life and Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life, the only bachelor character is Marlin, who works on the farm instead of Matthew. It remains to be seen if the adaptation of the marriage candidate is only due to the new name and design.


Similar to Gustafa, Rock has a carefree personality. However, he seems rather lazy, likes to stay in bed longer and strolls around the village a bit when he gets bored. He is the son of the inn owners Ruby and Tim. He also occupies a room in the inn as a retreat.

In Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life you could easily conquer his heart by surprising Rock with gifts such as flowers, butter or homemade dishes.

Story of Season: A Wonderful Life – Marriage Candidates: These are the Bachelorettes


Brunette Cecilia works on Vesta’s farm and is a farm girl through and through. She is extremely nice, helpful and sometimes acts a bit childish. Cecilia loves nature and everything to do with it. Taking care of plants is one of her favorite things to do.

Nothing is known yet about Cecilia’s favorite gifts. However, in Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life from 2003, she likes cooked meals, flowers, vegetables and animal products the most.

Lumina – marriage candidates in Story of Season: A Wonderful Life

Lumina’s parents died when she was still a small child. From then on she lived with her grandmother Romana in the mansion. At the beginning she acts rather reserved and shy. When she gets to know her, she becomes more open. Lumina is creative and loves music. Therefore it is not surprising that she plays the piano.

At the time, you could only marry Lumina in Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition for the PlayStation 2. This was not possible in the normal edition for the Gamecube. To win Lumina’s heart, the best you could do in the Special Edition was to give her gifts like strawberries, strawberry pie, or sweet potatoes.

Molly (then: Muffy/Katja)

The woman with the many names usually comes from the city, but after several breaches of trust, she strays to the country for a fresh start. There she finds a foothold as a waitress in Griffin’s bar. Griffin, moreover, is her closest friend in the village. She finds it difficult to trust you or the other residents at first because of bad previous experiences.

In the prequels and templates to the remake, she especially loves any form of flowers, milk and any prepared food that doesn’t include fish.


Don’t be put off by the cool aura of the red-haired Nami. She’s a really cool and opinionated girl who wanders from town to town on a whim. The contrast to the other Bachelorettes and her mysterious appearance as well as the present “Travellers trend” in social media makes her a thoroughly interesting marriage candidate even today.

Even in the previous parts where Nami took a role of marriage candidate or villager, she was the only person with inconsistent daily routine. In order to persuade the wanderlusting Nami to stay, you could win her heart back then with cooked meals, fossils as well as high quality crops.


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