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Scorn – Walkthrough: All solutions to every puzzle in the guide

A creature in Scorn

Scorn is a wild mix of horror and puzzle game. In each chapter there are new mechanisms to explore that will advance you. It’s not always easy to understand what you have to do to open a new entrance, for example. To put an end to your frustration, you’ll find a complete walkthrough in our guide to Scorn, in which we’ll provide the walkthrough for the puzzles from each act.

Note: Since this is a walkthrough for Scorn, in which we give you the solutions to each puzzle, the guide naturally contains unavoidable spoilers. Be aware of this before reading our guide completely.

Act 1 – all puzzles & solutions in the first chapter

In the first chapter, there are several puzzles that you have to solve in order to progress. After you have opened the locked gate at the first control panel by first activating the left and then the right side of the locking mechanism, you will find yourself in a large room.

Ignore the door in the east of the room for now. Instead, run right through the archway and use the elevator opposite the machine that resembles a crane. Keep to the north and walk straight ahead until you are in front of two control panels and thus also in front of the first puzzle.

Walkthrough to the first puzzle in Scorn – the capsules

  • Use the right panel and move the combined capsules in the middle row as far to the right as possible.
  • Grab the first shiny capsule from the left (capsule #1), which is in the bottom row.
  • The path is cleared so you can move the shiny capsule (capsule #1) to the glowing area.
  • Move to the middle panel and watch the first capsule (capsule #1) disintegrate in the grab.
  • Go back to the right panel and move the capsule marked in the screenshot (capsule #2) to the lighted area.
  • At the middle console, the grabber finally takes the right capsule (capsule #2).

Unlock different achievements

  • Unlock the first achievement called Extraction by moving the creature to the chair with the saw.
  • Instead of the first achievement, unlock the second achievement in Scorn called Hand in Hand by moving the creature to the chair with the crane arm instead.

Whichever way you choose, you’ll end up in a new room with two exits – one on the left, the other on the right. Ignore them for now and continue straight ahead. Here you will unlock your first weapon. Equipped with it, follow the path to one of the two exits. They lead to the same destination.

Second puzzle – the rooted tree

  1. Activate the control panel in front of the rooted tree trunk.
  2. Move the flying object right in front of you and activate it to connect with the element in front of you.
  3. Fly with it to the open button, which you can recognize by the white border.
  4. A new control panel will rise from the ground. Run to it and activate it.
  5. Go back to the room where you found the weapon. On the eastern path and on the western path there is a control panel, which you activate with the equipped weapon.
  6. Destroy the flying organisms with the white bubble using your weapon and go back to the rooted tree trunk.
  7. At the control panel, connect the flying object with the new elements that have appeared on the left and right.
  8. Repeat the same process as the first one and move them to the open buttons. Don’t forget to activate the control panels that rise from the ground as well.

Act 2 – all the puzzles in the Scorn walkthrough

Find a large building as you make your way through a kind of dusty desert. Enter the building through the door. The tunnel-like system will lead you to the core. After entering the area, run to the left. There you will discover a creature clambering on the wall.

Turn around and move in the opposite direction to find the creature again. It disappears again. Follow the path straight ahead and keep left until you come across a skeleton on the ground. The white border already tells you that you can interact with it. This will give you the key to the next puzzle.

Third Puzzle – Open Lock #1

  1. Insert the key into the door mechanism located right by the skeleton.
  2. Turn the mechanism to the first opening on the left and activate it.
  3. Move it to the second opening at the bottom right.
  4. Last but not least, turn the mechanism to the last opening at the top right.
  5. Move the key to its starting point so that it points vertically upwards. This will open the main lock.

Return to the room with the red organism and use your key on the metallic device to the right of the middle object in the room. New areas in the complex will open up. Walk a few steps to the right from the red organism and activate the narrow input device. An elevator will descend. Get in and activate the narrow input device in the elevator.

Once on the second floor, head to the right. Since most of the areas are blocked, your way will sooner or later lead you into the tube-like staircase. At the top, you will find a control stick. Opposite are three entrances that you can target with the control stick activated. Use the left entrance to get to the next puzzle.

Fourth puzzle – Open lock #2

  1. The openings rotate and stop briefly at different locations.
  2. Find the position where all three openings stop in the same place by rotating them.
  3. You move only the outermost opening.
  4. Stop the second and third openings by activating the key.
  5. When all three openings are in a row, you can fix them with the piston.
  6. As soon as the piston has snapped all three openings, turn the key back to its original position so that it points vertically upwards again.

Return to the tunnel mechanism and go to the left entrance – from the starting point it would be the middle entrance. Follow the path until you pass a large fan on your left. From there, go straight ahead on the right for a short distance and then turn left into the room with the three supply hoses.

Pull them out one by one to cut the power supply to the fan. On the way back, the creature you’ve already seen and chased several times in the level will attack you. It connects with you and you have access to your weapon again. Run between the stopped blades of the fan and follow the tunnel on the left.

To the southwest, north and southeast are more locks that you need to pick. They follow the same pattern as the second lock. To the right of the lock on the platform you will find an elevator. Use it. Once down, interact with the object on the right. It attaches a key to the main character’s left hand.

Run in the opposite direction and use your weapon to open the next door. You will find yourself back at the place where you found the skeleton key. Take the elevator up again in the room with the red organism and use the system of tubes. Use the left entrance and go to the control panel near the second lock puzzle.

Explore the cleared tunnel

Use the new key on the main character’s left hand to operate the system. Aim it at the third entrance from the left and activate it. The once blocked area is now cleared. Return to the tunnel system and explore the new path. In the northeast, southeast and southwest you will solve key puzzles again – this time they are a bit more difficult.

Return to the red organism and use the metallic device in front of it again. The console next to it is now active. The next puzzle in the second act of Scorn takes place on it. Here you have to assign a white dot to each red dot. If one is stuck, nothing happens. To solve the puzzle, make the following moves:

Fifth puzzle in the walkthrough to Scorn – red-white castle

  • 2x down
  • 1x left
  • 4x up
  • 1x left
  • 4x down
  • 1x left
  • 2x up
  • 1x left
  • 2x up

Operate the console located right in front of the red organism. There you will get two new objects: a kind of controller and something that looks like an interesting stone with tentacles. After that, a guy gets out of the red organism. Even if on the one hand you’re happy not to have to be alone anymore or you’re afraid that he’s an enemy: don’t pay any attention to him, because he’ll pass away shortly after anyway.

With your super cool new controller, you finally have access to the room opposite the skeleton. Follow the path to the next locked door, which you open again with the controller. Take the elevator and watch a short sequence with the creature whose hands are still stuck in your stomach.

The parasite (that’s what we’ll call it from now on) will do that more often from now on. Each time you do this, you will receive damage. Take care of your health regularly so that the unannounced attack doesn’t send you to the afterlife at some point. Healing follows immediately when you use the station on the left. Your tentacle stone crawls into the device and comes out filled.

Press the RB button on the console or the E button on the PC to use a healing orb. Turn around and take the right of the two paths. Once again a locked door awaits you here, which you open with the help of the controller. Turn right behind it and follow the path to the next controller door. Inside you will find an elevator. Use it to complete the second chapter in Scorn.

Act 3 – Walkthrough to all puzzles

Follow the path and turn left at the end to upgrade your controller on a device. Instead of one glowing dot, it now has two. A bit further on, your upgraded controller will be put to use – use it to open the door with the two glowing dots. Behind it, your first opponent in the Scorn awaits you.

Aim at his head, land a hit and move away again to avoid his attacks. Repeat the process and you’ll finish him off unharmed after a few hits. In the room there are two control panels that you activate with your weapon. The first one starts a large fan, the second one operates another fan and unlocks a new entrance near the upgrade device.

Be careful, because after activating the second control panel a new enemy appears. It is exactly the same creature as just before. In the stairway to the second floor, you’ll encounter another enemy. This monster has a slightly different attack pattern and throws devastating meatballs at you. It can withstand less, but it is also much more mobile than its predecessors.

Once at the top, you can investigate the unlocked area that you revealed by activating the fan. Previously, the fan’s blades blocked the passage. A new puzzle awaits you here. To start the puzzle, simply interact with the control panel in the middle of the room.

Sixth puzzle – transport capsules

  1. Move the transport capsule far to the left by activating the control panel.
  2. Get into the transport capsule and ride it until it stops.
  3. Run out of the capsule and look for the next control panel on your right. Turn it on.
  4. Follow the exposed path.

Defeat the next creature. It’s one of the slime-spewing variety from the beginning. Continue along the path and ignore the monster to your left behind the barrier. Ignore the next control panel that controls the crane for now. Follow the path opposite, pass through the stationary capsule and walk further up.

Activate the next control panel. On the way you can fortunately fill your tentacle stone with new healing, but there are also a lot of enemies waiting for you. You’ll find another control panel, which in turn activates a transport capsule. A little further on and a few fights later you’ll find a control panel with a white handle on the left – use it!

Cross the ascending capsule to the left of it. Just go straight through. Turn left to get a new weapon. Shortly after you’ll find another healing station. Use it, because the upcoming fights won’t be long in coming. In the next larger room you will come across a control panel that belongs to the seventh puzzle in Scorn.

Seventh Puzzle – Power Supply #1

The goal of the puzzle is to make all four round switches light up. There are small notches on the switches that point in the direction of the power supply. However, the lowest switch is only active when it is in the lowest slot. Activate the following switches using our graphic in the given order to solve the seventh puzzle in Act 3.

  • 3x Switch Center
  • 4x Switch Right
  • 4x Switch Left
  • 2x Switch Center
  • 5x Switch Left
  • 2x switch middle

After completing the puzzle you will receive a battery. Return to the control panel with the white slot on the left. Place the acquired battery in the middle slot. Drive down on the left with the unlocked transport capsule. More enemies are waiting for you there. After that you will find a healing station and the next storm supply puzzle. Follow our description again with the help of the screenshot.

Eighth puzzle – power supply #2

  • 3x switch middle #1
  • 3x switch left
  • 1x switch center #2
  • 3x Switch Right
  • 1x switch middle #1
  • 1x Switch Center #2
  • 1x Switch Left
  • 3x Switch Right
  • 3x Switch Center #1
  • 3x switch middle #2

Grab the battery and put it into the last slot of the control panel. Drive down with the transport capsule and use the control panel with the crane. This will transport the left capsule to the podium on the right side. While standing in front of the crane control panel, turn to the right and walk straight ahead.

Here you’ll find two more control panels: one in the middle and another one on the raised area behind it. Use the upper one first to control a second crane. Use it to take the transport pod on the left. Use the second control panel and drive the platform upwards.

Return to the crane control and move the capsule in the crane to the right. Run in the same direction and use the control panel located there. Go back to the platform and get into the transport capsule. In the next compartment the parasite strikes again. A bit further on you’ll find the next healing station.

As soon as you reach the bars, use your weapon as a key again. In the round room you will meet a new creature. It’s bigger and more resilient than the other specimens. Defeat it and follow the path into the next circular room. In it you will find the control panel again, where you use your weapon as a key.

There is an elevator hidden in the fleshy level. Get into it and press the switch. After you reach the top, there is a locked door with three lights on the left side. You have to upgrade the controller before you can open it. So move to the right first. Clear the way with the weapon key control panel.

Upgrade your controller and open the locked door.

Take the elevator, go down and run into the room with the red mass in the middle. Here you will find a rather large and hostile creature. On the right side you can use your weapon as a key again. In the room behind you can now upgrade your controller, heal yourself and reload ammo.

Turn back again. Save ammo and avoid a fight by waiting until the creature is on the other side of the room. Go to the elevator, go up and use your upgraded controller to open the locked door on the left.
A cutscene follows. Then enter the transport capsule opposite. The rest of the way is quite stringent and transports you directly to the next act. Until then, however, there are some monsters that want to make the path stonier than it is. Get into the elevator at the end of the area and transport yourself to the next chapter.

Act 4 – Walkthrough: Overview of puzzles & solutions

Run straight ahead until the path divides. On the left, there are four monsters and a healing station, where you can also reload your weapon. On the right you will encounter a giant figure. Again, to the right of it is a control panel. Activate it to enter the organ on the left. You can reach it via the ramp.

To the left of you is the revealed entrance. However, after activating it, another creature appears there and gets in your way. Activate the control panel inside. Make your way through the new environment. The staircase is to the left of the entrance. The path will lead you straight to another control panel, which is located in front of a puzzle.

Run straight ahead. There you will find a healing station, where you will also renew your ammo. Go on to get a new weapon. Turn around again and follow the left path. Here you can test your new weapon directly on a larger enemy. It does a lot of damage. Save it for bigger mobs in the future.

At the end of the path, get into the elevator and take it to the next higher level. The first monsters will meet you at the top. Run up the slope and then keep left. The right path leads to a locked door, which you can only open by upgrading your controller.

In the next large room, three hostile creatures appear: one large, one medium and one small. Don’t fight them all at once. Drive them apart and true distance to survive. Go all the way up the ramp. At the end you will find a control panel where you can upgrade your controller to four points.

Open the door with the four points

Return to the locked four-point door and open it. After the first enemy you will find a healing station on the left. Go down the ramp and turn left. You will discover another door with four glowing dots. Open it. You will find another puzzle panel to activate. After that it will go up again.

Turn around and enter the large area with the many paths again. Run along the middle path straight ahead. You will reach the bottom. There is a command console again, which consists of the three raised puzzles – one is still missing. Examine the lowest level and find a healing station in the middle as well as another 4-light access on your left.

At the end of the corridor, take the elevator to a level above. Here you will find a monster and a control panel for your weapon. It unlocks the path in front of you. Turn around and heal yourself at the healing station. Then use the elevator opposite and go up another level.

On the right side, look for the next control panel, which will cause another hole in the giant creature. From here on you have the choice of continuing straight ahead, defeating enemies and using the next healing station. For the next fights it would make sense if you risk it. Otherwise, take the elevator directly back down one floor.

Go straight ahead and keep to the right to enter the newly uncovered entrance. Activate the control panel to advance the last puzzle in the lower part of the main area. Turn around and follow the path opposite the elevator to the right. You’ll end up back in the large main room. From there go to the control panel with the three elevated puzzles. Solve it.

Ninth Puzzle – Labyrinth

The twist behind this is that the white dots on all three screens move when you move it. The goal is to move the white dots to the yellow glowing dot. So for the solution you proceed as follows:

  • Move the white dot on screen #1 as far down and to the right as possible.
  • When you can’t move any further to the right, move to screen #2. Move the dot to the right and down.
  • On screen #3, move it up as far as it will go. So right, up, left and up again.
  • Switch to screen #1 and move the point to the right. It will only move a short distance.
  • Rotate to screen #2 and move up and then left.
  • Skip screen #3 and continue with screen #1. Here you just have to move the white dot to the yellow glowing dot.

Then run either left or right up the slope and follow the long path straight ahead. Finally you will end up in a kind of elevated train. A short cutscene with the parasite follows. Start the transport by pressing the switches at the very front. It will take you to the final area of Scorn and thus to the last section of our walkthrough.

The walkthrough is still under construction and will be expanded in the future to include the puzzles and solutions in Act 5.

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