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Coral Island: Cooking – get kitchen & recipes and make your own dishes

Kitchen in Coral Island

As in many other farming sims, in Coral Island you have the possibility to prepare your own dishes. Cooking is more than just a fun feature in the game and brings many benefits. For example, you can replenish your life bar and your daily energy with home-cooked meals. This way you’ll achieve more during the day – without fainting from exhaustion. Find out exactly what you need to start cooking here.

What do I need for cooking in Coral Island?

To make your own dishes, you must first have the right utensils. After all, even in real life you can’t prepare dishes with just a few ingredients if you don’t have the necessary equipment. The appropriate cooking skill is also important.

To improve your house you need to visit the carpentry of Joko and Dinda during normal opening hours. These are the costs you will have to pay:

  • 100 wood
  • 50 stones
  • 5 bronze ingots
  • 5 silver bars
  • 5,000 coins

Once you have upgraded the level of the house, you can prepare dishes either manually or by recipe. But the kitchen is only the first milestone in your career as a cook. The better your cooking skills, the more kitchen equipment you will need.

Unlock kitchen utensils for more recipes

Depending on the food or drink, you will need different utensils. To prepare a smoothie, for example, you need a blender. Other devices are sometimes the grill or the kitchen knife.

You can buy this additional kitchen equipment from Socket Electronics for 3,000 coins each. You can find the store north of Sam’s general store. However, you can only buy one piece of equipment per day.

Get new recipes from islanders

Get new recipes from the villagers. Interact with the townies regularly and make friends. Over time, the islanders will trust you with recipes to cook. If you know the ingredients of a certain dish, you can prepare it manually. A recipe is not mandatory.

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Last modified: 18. November 2023